Peder Bent Ahrens – When the job interview is about your salary

Peder Bent Ahrens – When the job interview is about your salary

You are seated at the interview, where you have the feeling that everything is fine between you and your possible future employer. So the conversation will always take the direction where I need to talk about your salary.

There is, according to Peder Bent Ahrens important that you have prepared in relation to talk about wages – This preparation can be an important parameter for you right there in the conversation comes safely through.

Peder Bent Ahrens continues. The outcome of a negotiation on your salary depends on your preparation. There are work areas where there are so much that through debate, since wages follows a given agreement – but where it may be possible to enter into proper negotiations, it helps you to be well prepared.

Peder Bent Ahrens gives here its bid for your preparation, there where it’s all about salary

Peder Bent Ahrens – Forwarding wage statistics in your field of work

On the internet you can find wage statistics from Statistics Denmark and your unemployment insurance fund. You can usefully consult your professional adviser in the unemployment insurance fund and specific guidance. Peder Bent Ahrens point here is that no persons or positions uniform, supervisor Peder Bent Ahrens.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Get employers to come up with first draft

Now comes the time of the conversation – There, where it is about your salary. There, you can accord Peder Bent Ahrens, friendly try to get your prospective employer to present its proposal for your salary. It would be a shame if you’re first thought – and your first album – a wage below the employer’s initiative.

Have you in your preparation, found out that salaries are negotiated locally by the employee representative and that there is solid step in the post, so tipping Peder Bent Ahrens you with the tranquility of voice can indicate you are aware of any firm step and that wages negotiated by employee representative. Then can you please say that you follow these steps and you are open to negotiation, after a probationary period.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Highlight how you differentiate yourself in relation to the job

When you and the employer talking salary, compared to the position you are to interview on, then Peder Bent Ahrens guidance here that you also here on friendly show highlights your skills and strange these where you separate you and may provide the company with added value . A set goal in your personal preparation here, with your good arguments for a good salary, is another point from Peder Bent Ahrens.

These differentials, may be contributing to you here in the conversation can land on a reasonable salary. You also have here signaled to the employer, your value as a future employee and Peder Bent Ahrens believes opened in a fine way for further conversation about salary after the probation period in your future employment.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Good and open style – also where it comes to salary

Throughout the interview, you should according to Peder Bent Ahrens, sending good signals that it is the job itself and the content that you find interesting and which you can add business value. One must as a jobseeker show some humility, with respect to wages, where you should be prepared for that work their way back up again – even when what is about your salary.

The salary is better than the public benefits and your expectations for your future salary increases with time, concludes Peder Bent Ahrens.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Good luck when the job interview is about your salary