Peder Bent Ahrens – Using references in your job search

Peder Bent Ahrens - Referencer gør dig sikrere i din jobsøgning
Peder Bent Ahrens – Referencer gør dig sikrere i din jobsøgning

On your CV, you should have a field – References – where Peder Bent Ahrens suggest you write: “References can provide information on the initiative.” But it is not enough just to write this, but it is important that you as a jobseeker really have some references that can give you a good statement to your prospective employer.

It is commonly used to a potential future employer to take references from your previous employer. A reference can also be former colleagues and partners. Peder Bent Ahrens suggest you that references just may be obtained from former bosses, colleagues and business partners.

Peder Bent Ahrens: “Your references are part of your network.”

You should see your references as part of your professional network, is one of Peder Bent Ahrens pointer here. Just your references are the compounds that may enter in direct dialogue with your prospective employer, so think Peder Bent Ahrens, it is important you as active job seekers and get control of your references, so as actively to support you dialogue with your prospective employer. Peder Bent Ahrens tip here is that you can quickly inform your references to a future employer’s request.

Peder Bent Ahrens: “References makes you more secure in your job search.”

There are many things to relate to as active job seekers. Below will Peder Bent Ahrens give you his model – The Reference Triangle – that simple and certainly shows you how you can make good use of your references.

Peder Bent Ahrens - Reference trianglen
Peder Bent Ahrens – Reference trianglen

Peder Bent Ahrens – The Reference Triangle

  • To select your references

To start with, according to Peder Bent Ahrens, review your professional network and selects the people you think I can give you the good opinions about your professional skills where your references can tell you how to fix your work and how you are as a person in your working relationships on and around your workplace.

These people can give you references to interview, write up a separate document with name, title, company, phone number and e-mail addresses. This information should be fully updated, Peder Bent Ahrens advice here.

  • Being active with your references

In your process of finding a new job, tipping Peder Bent Ahrens you about once a month, keeping your references informed about applying for a job, in some subject areas. You thereby are showing your references that you are proactive and take yourself seriously. This helps, according to Peder Bent Ahrens, for you to be remembered by your references. This information can give your references on e-mail, by telephone or at network meetings.

Peder Bent Ahrens proposes to you in one of the first briefings, giving your references your personal CV. You also have here in your contact feel for where your references are – even if they change jobs.

  • Being quick with your references

Quickness and timing are important keywords here believe Peder Bent Ahrens and he continues. When, for example sitting for the interview and the employer asks for your references, so you can provide a copy of your sheet with your references.

You can also quickly after your job interview, send your employer completely updated sheet, with your good references. Here tipping Peder Bent Ahrens, you have your reference sheets lying on your computer along with your other job search materials.

Now Peder Bent Ahrens come with his point here about punctuality. Just after you have given your references to a potential employer, it is now time to where you now will notify your references.

According to Peder Bent Ahrens send your references an email where you state that you have been to interview at the company Business A / S, where you were to interview Name Surname. Inform your reference on what job you have searched in the company.

Peder Bent Ahrens tipping further that you ask your reference in a good opinion quoting your reference, what was talked about in the interview – however, in point form, with the main content. Inform your reference that he or she therefore expects a call from the company, to take references.

Peder Bent Ahrens tips here, finally, that you here are doing this mail to your references leisurely read about your job interview, at the earliest opportunity – you will here be remembered by your references when you do it by mail, rather than a short phone call.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Good luck with your job search