Peder Bent Ahrens – Phone Guide for unsolicited business contact

Peder Bent Ahrens – Call and ask questions

You should as part of your job search strategy, be in telephone contact with the companies where you could be a future employee, says Peder Bent Ahrens.

When you as an active job seekers, calling the companies, shows according to Peder Bent Ahrens, commitment and courage. This takes business very positively, where you will be remembered by the companies.

Therefore, Peder Bent Ahrens here is a brief guide as a suggestion you can use when you want to call spontaneously to companies.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Your preparation

Notify you quickly on the company’s website, tipping Peder Bent Ahrens, so you know what they manufacture, their history, and who to talk to.

Optimize your efforts, according to Peder Bent Ahrens, by calling several companies within the same industry or call suppliers / competitors for companies seeking an employee like you – that the company is looking for, is the competitor or subcontractor may well also and shortcomings, and it gives you, according to Peder Bent Ahrens, an insight into the industry’s challenges.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Getting past the phone sluice

You present yourself with: “Hello, you are talking to Name Nameson. Can I get to talk with the person responsible for appointments with you?”

Or ask for the department where you can see yourself as a future employee.
If you can not get hold of the right, so get as much information out of the receptionist as possible, according to Peder Bent Ahrens.

– What is the right person in the department?
– When will it be the best time to talk to him?
– Is there a phone number for him?
– Is there an e-mail where you can get in touch with him?

Peder Bent Ahrens – Once you have reached the person responsible

“I’m calling you because I is currently contacting companies within the industry, because I am very interested in the work and hope to get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the industry as a whole is facing.”


“I’ll call you, because I’m from preliminary studies know that hiring highly educated can create growth in businesses like yours. Some of the options could I really like to go with you. ”


“When I call you, it is because I have touched on your website and I can see that you are a company that has started in many exciting things. I work with the following topic – why do I need some sparring partners to get ideas on how I can use it just in your industry. Therefore, it would be great if I would use just half an hour at a meeting with me. ”

Or attempt, according to Peder Bent Ahrens, with praise and kindness and have a specific opportunity.

“I’ll call you when I have followed the company’s development and are very impressed with your achievements. Thinking about this, I will need some new skills where I can add value. ”

Peder Bent Ahrens – Possible objections from the company

If he says he does not have time, you can accord Peder Bent Ahrens seize the opportunity and say the following:

“That’s precisely why I’m calling, I can help to give you more time”

If he says it suits scant right now, so proposes Peder Bent Ahrens you ask when it could fit into their calendar that you call:

If he says that it is not something that has their interest, say: “What would it take for that it might be interesting?”


“What’s exciting tasks that take you right now?”.

Peder Bent Ahrens – Good luck with your job search