Peder Bent Ahrens about the project with veterans in the job after the repatriation

Peder Bent Ahrens – Veterans in job after the repatriation

On Flag Day September 5, 2014 started up a project between companies, a local veteran association and the job center. Many employers have, as Peder Bent Ahrens, a link with the Army, the Navy and Air Force.

This association is awakened with interest when a job seeker on his CV provides information on completed compulsory military service in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force or of a career at one of the three services.

Peder Bent Ahrens experience very often in connection with recruitment tasks to companies that when the conversation falls on the Army, the Navy and Air Force, will occur as a bond between employer and job seeker.

Peder Bent Ahrens experiencing a common understanding between employer and job seeker about the time as a soldier, how many have shared experiences on this basis, and can tell the soldiers stories.

Peder Bent Ahrens: “I have taken many good things with me from my time in the army”

One of the things Peder Bent Ahrens remember from the army, and he has taken with him, are the many good and solid routines in a soldier’s chores in service and the many good human values. When Peder Bent Ahrens himself was in the army, he experienced a particularly good corporate culture, which he now considers to be of great benefit, both on a personal level, but in particular also in a working community.

No matter where you go, says Peder Bent Ahrens that you will be able to use these features to more quickly make decisions, adapt and improvise in a new job.

The reason that Peter Bent Ahrens finds this relevant talk about the project, it is because it has managed two veterans, finding a permanent attachment to the civilian labor market. Peder Bent Ahrens says that the two veterans have had long-term service in the army by some of the regiments that have been deployed – both in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Peder Bent Ahrens says that the soldiers have gone through a process in firms that, in associated with Flag Day 2014 and in collaboration with the Jobcenter, had created the framework for what today is ordinary jobs. In both jobs performed according to Peder Bent Ahrens appropriate attention from the following premises: regular routines, quiet work environment, community culture from the army and space to have a bad day.

Background and experience from the army gave the job

Peder Bent Ahrens became attached to the project from the job center side, precisely because of its own military background. Although he has experienced that he through his conversations with the veterans have been able to create a cohesive ties and trust and confidence.

In interviews with the veterans talked Peder Bent Ahrens on time in the army and the impacts, the soldiers have suffered in combat. Here says Peder Bent Ahrens, among other things; the talks have acted much about the psychological influences that have led to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and OSS (Old Sergeant Syndrome), which many veterans are challenged by the daily – even after a long time.

Peder Bent Ahrens do not go in and treat, but uses his cognitive approach as a certified coach and his knowledge of Companion Support Scheme in the talks, in order to uncover the veteran professional desires.

In that way, when Peder Bent Ahrens along with veteran forward to the professional skills, the veteran holds, as well as the factors that can contribute to the veteran can operate and thrive in a workplace, so the mental state is not affected and mentally recall situations from the battlefield.